Rosary Society

     The Most Precious Blood Rosary Society was organized in 1898.  At its development,  one of its purposes was to honor and venerate the Blessed Mother and create special interest in the practice and spread of the devotion of the Rosary.  The current society begins each meeting with the Rosary and leads the Rosary at the funeral homes as our fellow parishioners are finishing their earthly life.  We continue to honor our Blessed Mother with our annual May Crowning each May.

            A second purpose of the Rosary Society was/is to act as hostesses for the pastor at parish celebrations.  We continue this ministry as we host receptions for Easter Vigil, Confirmation, and Christmas concerts; as well as other parish celebrations.

            Thirdly, the Rosary Society earns monies which are used to fund church and school programs, as well as provide for those people who are needy in our midst.

            All women of the parish are invited to join and participate in the Rosary Society.  Our meetings are usually the first Monday of the months of Oct.-Nov. and March-June.  The September and May meetings are the second Monday due to the Labor and Memorial Day holidays.  There are many areas which would welcome more participation such as baking, volunteering of time at our many fund-raising events (rummage sales, craft show, candy and bake sales) as well as at our twice-yearly visits to Byron Health Center.  In addition, we welcome women to join the groups who lead the rosaries at the funeral homes.  The current yearly calendar as well as the contact information for our current officers follows.  Please contact any of the officers if you have questions or would like more information on our society. 

President:                   Ann Kenny                 260-471-0543 

Vice President:          Marlene Offerle         260-424-2476      

Treasurer:                 Carol Flaugh              260-483-4747                                  

Secretary:                   Jodi Korte                   260-432-2620 


2018 Rosary Society Event Calendar

Mar. 5                                   meeting 7:00 p.m., Max Jaehn room

Mar. TBA                             Byron Health Bingo

March 24                             Church cleaning

                                          Set- up for Easter Candy and Bake sale

March 24-25                       Easter Candy and Bake Sale

March 31                             Easter Vigil Reception

Apr. 2                                  meeting, 7:00 p.m. Max Jaehn room

April 11                              Confirmation reception

April 30-May 2                   Set up for Spring Rummage Sale- Mohr Hall

May 7                                    May Crowning- 7:00 church, meeting following

May 3-5                                Rummage Sale- Mohr Hall

TBA                                        Funfest

June 4                                   meeting, 7:00 p.m., Max Jaehn room

August TBA                         Byron Fruit Smoothie Party

Sept. 10                                meeting, 7:00 p.m., Max Jaehn room

Oct. 1-3                                 set up for Fall Rummage Sale- Mohr Hall

Oct. 4-6                                 Rummage Sale- Mohr Hall

Oct. 1                                    meeting, 7:00 p.m., Max Jaehn room

Nov. 2                                   Craft show set-up- gym

Nov. 3                                   Craft Show- gym

Nov. 5                                   meeting, 7:00 p.m., Max Jaehn room

Dec. 1                                    Church cleaning 9:00 a.m.

                                                Set up for Christmas party- gym

Dec. 2                                    Rosary Society Christmas Party- gym

Dec. 15                                 Set up for candy sale- gym

Dec. 15-16                           Christmas Candy and Bake Sale

Dec. 30                                 Concert Reception - Mohr Hall


2017 Rosary Society Disbursements

Rosary Society Annual Christmas Boutique/Craft Show Flyer